Q&A with Rachel Loebs

SoulCycle Miami Beach – 1 Hotel & Homes


The MBVCA sat down with Rachel Loebs, instructor at SoulCycle South Beach to discuss why she loves Miami Beach and why SoulCycle is a workout like no other. See what she has to say and check out SoulCycle at 1 Hotel South Beach, 2325 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.



Describe your experience at Soul Cycle thus far. How is teaching in Miami Beach different from New York City?


New York City was different because I came into SoulCycle and it was already established. People knew the culture, how to ride, and what they wanted out of class when I started teaching. Everyone has somewhere to be, or rushed to get back to work, so people take fitness and time VERY seriously. Miami Beach is more relaxed and easy going. A lot of people are on vacation. We are still introducing the life style down here which is an amazing thing to share with the community. I feel like I am a forever student and I continue to learn something new every day! In Miami Beach, I get a lot of riders from all over the country which is amazing! I see some of my old riders from New York and Long Island and that is a super special privilege of teaching down here.


Soul Cycle has become a favorite workout class in Miami Beach… what makes Soul Cycle Miami Beach a favorite with visitors and residents? Why does the Miami Beach studio fill every class? 


It is such a special workout because it is not just a physical connection, but also a mental one. It is a 45 minute class of sweat, creation, and love. We genuinely give everything in the room (we as the riders and instructors) so we can also try to take some of the same experiences outside and apply it to our real lives. Anyone you speak with about SoulCycle will tell you their special story and connection with the ride. Having a SoulCycle in Miami Beach is so special because we get people vacationing from all over the world and they get to enjoy SoulCycle for the first time. We have a space for returning riders from other cities who already have SoulCycle. It’s a wonderful melting pot for everyone here and everyone is always in a good mood because it is Miami Beach!


Tell us about the workout. What makes a Soul Cycle unique from other cycling workout programs?


SoulCycle is a challenging work out, but everyone can take the class at their own pace. Especially here in Miami Beach, we have all different experience levels coming to class. We want every single rider to feel as though they are right where they need to be and feel accomplished when you cross that finish line. SoulCycle always makes you feel as though you can succeed at anything. We use our entire bodies while dancing to the most amazing music.



How do you find inspiration for creating new and exciting content for your classes? Does Miami Beach’s Latin culture inspire your programming?


Of COURSE! I love listening to music out at restaurants and bars, always asking my riders for their favorite music. Miami Beach has the best music culture!


Do you expect Soul Cycle to grow within Miami Beach? What can we expect next?


I sure do hope so! Its all about when the timing is right. Stay tuned!!!


Lastly, why do you LOVE Miami Beach?


I LOVE the weather. It is summer all year long. People know how to have a good time, unwind and relax. It is very different from New York. Also, the Cuban food is fantastic!


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